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Water Utility Application

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Service Inspection Agreement

T & W Water Service Company (Utility) agrees to sell and deliver water to the Customer, and the Customer agrees to purchase water from the Utility in accordance with the approved Tariff of the Utility and the rules and regulations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ). The TCEQ, for the safety of all of the customers of a water utility, has promulgated many rules and regulations, which are subject to change without notice to customer, governing the Utility and the Customers. As a condition of receiving water service, the following are required to be signed and on file with the Utility, prior to any person occupying this residence (or business):

  1. This application. It may not be assigned nor transferred unless Utility agrees in writing.
  2. A TCEQ Customer Service Inspection Report, signed by a TCEQ liscensed inspector.
  3. If there is a sprinkler system, swimming pool, or other hazards, then a TCEQ approved Back Flow Prevention device must be installed, and a TCEQ Back Flow Prevention report, signed by a TCEQ licensed inspector, must be on file with the Utility. Annual inspections are required, and signed annual inspection reports must be on file with the Utility.
  4. Customer also agrees to follow all TCEQ regulations, and future TCEQ regulations, as a condition of continued water service.

The Customer hereby agrees to cooperate with the Utility employees in the discharge of their duties and will not, or allow anyone else, to tamper with the property of the Utility, which includes the water meter. The Customer shall not share, resell, or sub-meter water to any other dwelling, business, or property. If the Customer fails to observe these requirements, the Customer shall be responsible to the Utility for such damages as may be done and the Utility may terminate service. Reconnection will be per TCEQ rules.

The Customer should install, on his side of the meter, any and all such devices, such as freeze protection, cut-off valves, pressure relief valves, and check valves, so as to protect the Customer's real or personal property from damage that could be sustained from the water, or lack of water, caused by such things as freezing, low or high pressure, or water outages, and Customer agrees to hold harmless the Utility for any such damage. The Utility does not provide fire fighting service, and therefore Customer agrees that the Utility is not responsivle for fire-related injuries or damages, to persons or property, caused by, or aggravated, by the availability (or lack thereof) of water, or water pressure (or lack thereof) during fire emergencies.

Current Policy for Deposit Refunds
(Subject to any changes by TCEQ)

If service is never connected, or after the Customer moves from the residence, or after the Customer has paid his bills for service for 18 consecutive months without being late, the Utility shall promptly refund, or credit to the Customer's account, the Customer's deposit plus accrued interest.