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Sewer Utility Application

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Service Inspection Agreement

S.C. Utilities (Utility) agrees to collect sewer from the Customer, and the Customer agrees to purchase this service from the Utility according to the approved Tariff of the Utility and the rules and regulations of the Texas Commission on Enviornmental Quality (TECQ). The TCEQ, for the safety of the general public and the Enviornment, has promulgated many rules and regulations, which are subject to change without notice to customer, governing the Utility and the Customer. As a condition of obtaining and continuing to have sewer service, the following are required.

  1. This signed agreement must be on file with the Utility prior to receiving service, and this application may not be assigned or transferred without the written consent of the Utility.
  2. Prior to any resident occupying this dwelling for the first time, an agent for the Utility must inspect the sewer tie-in from the dwelling to the Utility's facilities.
  3. Customer must be receiving water service from T & W Water Service Company.

The Utility only provides sewer collection, treatment, and disposal of human waste and waste from domestic activities such as washing, bathing, and food preparation. The Customer understands that the following requirements are vital to the proper operation of the Utility's facilities, which may affect the environment and public health. If the Customer fails to observe these requirements, the Customer's sewer service may be terminated and Customer shall be responsible for all damages done to Utility's facilities, as well as environmental damages. The Customer shall not, nor allow anyone else to tamper with Utilities facilities. Customer shall not divert nor drain into the Utility's collection system any grease, oil, solvent, paint, or other toxic materials, nor any abnormally high particulate (TSS) or organic (BOD) materials, nor any storm or run off waters.

Any violation of TCEQ current or future rules, or failure to pay all legitimate charges to Utility, may result in termination of sewer service. Termination of sewer service will be accomplished by termination of the Customer's water service by T & W Water Service. Reconnection will occur as prescribed by TCEQ rules.

Current Policy for Deposit Refunds
(Subject to any changes by TCEQ)

If service is never connected, or after the Customer moves from the residence, or after the Customer has paid his bills for service for 18 consecutive months without being late, the Utility shall promptly refund, or credit to the Customer's account, the Customer's deposit plus accrued interest.